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    kinda new to this so can anyone help in detail where to get roms an how to get them on my treo 650! thanks
  2. #2 - a good general resource, which will help you learn about emulators and ROMs. All the ROMs directly linked from this page are "public domain" -- meaning, more or less, they are not the games you are looking for.

    ROMs are illegal, "grayish" if you own the game, so you are going to have to dig. My first suggestion is to check out the newsgroups. That is the first place I'm going when my registration for NesEm comes in... I'll let you know what I find there if you don't go first.
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    I have found that has the best selection of ROMs.

    Also, has a program to tranfer the ROM's in the Treo. Or, The "VFS" button available on the main form provides bidirectional move of games to/from expansion media. Moreover, you can put your games in their native format directly under /NesEm directory (for NesEm), under /GG directory (for Gizmo) and under /PCE directory (for DreamEngine) on the memory card. However, you should use a third-party tool or a card reader device in order to store games to the memory card directly. You cannot use Palm Installer to directly store games to memory card because Palm Installer does not recognize game files.
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    i have the rom installer from kalemsoft and a rom from theoldcomputer but when i go to open the rom to transfer to the installer my computer cannot recognize the file or source! what do i need to do????
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    It is easier to use an SD card if you have on. If you can put the SD card in your computer, create a folder called NesEm and then put the original rom in it. The put your SD card in your treo and run NesEm. It will find the rom. I haven't tried it with the rom installer, so I can't help you their.
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    how do i put my sd card on my computer???
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    You need a card reader. Their might be a program to use your usb cable to access your SD card. I know that with Bluetooth, you can only put files on the Treo that are palm recognized formats. I sure you could zip the rom, move it to your sd card through the usb, then unzip it with a zip handzipper to NesEm file.

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