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    Up to today, I was an avid AvantGo user, but I discovered iSiloWeb and iSilo. With iSiloWeb, you manage the equiv. of an AvantGo account on your workstation. You program the channels and convert them, which differs from AvantGo, since with AG all you have to do is hit the HotSync.

    Advantages to iSilo is that it already doubles as a good DOC/iSilo reader, and you can COPY text and beam articles, which isn't possible with AvantGo. Hypertext and images are all there. The iSilo program is easy to use; I hated waiting for the pages to load whenever I wanted to edit my AG account.

    Naturally, iSilo is MUCH smaller...

    Whether you are iSilo or AvantGo user, I've found a small collection of palm-optimized pages for those that are interested. Most are found surfing through the iSilo site under "Links".

    Good news for EVC German members: this site kicks richtig Arsch!:

    Also for French; lots of French newspapers are optimized here:
    A more complete version of LeMonde is available here (wasn't working today...)

    And (mostly) for anglophones:
    PLink!: (the real URL - yuck! ) (Phantom URL - easy to remember!) (Phantom URL no 2, shows frames message..)


    If anybody else knows of similar sites (lists of stripped down HTML sites), would you please post them here? Also, please tell me what are your program preferences for reading web sites on the go?
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    I like Isilo so much that I uninstalled Teal Doc and use it as my prefered document reader. I creat a doc in QED and without any though Isilo knows about it and adds it to my growing list of docs. I even downloaded Slocum's Sailing around the world Alone from memoware and am reading it using Isilofree. I am going to download the full version of Isilo and this may actually be one of those programs that I shell out my hard earned bucks for.

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