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    Got this for XMAS yesterday. Tried it out for approx. 3 hours of driving, and a few hours of experimenting in the house. A few observations:

    The unit comes with an a/c and car adapter. You swap out the end of the adapter depending on what you need. It is not as good as two separate adapters, but it's way better than just having an a/c adapter. Nice surprise.

    The unit uses a replaceable, rechargeable battery. The manual says it is a standard "Nokia type".

    I locked into the BT from the treo to the Holux with no problem. It's now on my "trusted devices" list. When I start mapopolis, it automatically goes right to the list and I choose the holux.

    The unit locks onto satellites fairly quickly. It has two settings, a less precise mode for high speed situations, (like driving), and a precise mode for slow movement. The icon on the map screen changes automatically to reflect these settings depending on how fast you're moving. It works great. I wanted this sensitivity because I plan to use golf software with this gps as well.

    The manual says 9 hours battery life, but I haven't tested that part yet.

    The unit is fairly small, I would say about the size of a pager, and about the same weight. Simple indicator lights tell you if you're locked onto a satellite, locked into bluetooth, and if you are fully charged.

    Small rubber feet on the bottom of the unit help it sit on the dash.

    Overall I am very pleased with the holux unit. Glad I stumbled on gpspassion. com, where I read up on BT GPS.

    As to map software, I'm using the demo of mapopolis, which is ok in my opinion. A few problems with mapopolis with my very limited experience are - I can't seem to shut off the written directions on the screen after mapping a route. These take up too much screen real estate. Second, the vehicle's position on the screen shows too much road behind it, and not enough of the road ahead of it. This can be problematic if you have a turn coming up, because you can't see much in front of you.

    I also have not been able to get 3D navigation to work, even though I have v2.2 and have checked the 3D box.

    Of course, these mapopolis problems could be user error.

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    Here's a fuzzy picture taken with the 650. I guess there's no macro capability on this phone.

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