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    Without going in to the boring details, I've come to the conclusion that my Treo 650 is defective and that I need a replacement. However, after visiting 2 Sprint stores and spending 45 minutes on the phone, being bounced from department to department, I have been unable to get these morons to do anything. (They either say "you'll have to speak to _____ to get a replacement, "you'll have to talk to PalmOne to get a replacement", or "you can't get a replacement".

    Anyone who has success, will you please tell me how you did it? (FYI I purchased the phone via Sprint telesales...)
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    I got my DEFECTIVE phone through Vienna Channels and had no problem exchanging it at my local Sprint Store.

    My phone would not send nor receive beamed information. I took the phone into the store, they tested it to be sure that my report was accurate and exchanged it on the spot. They didn't ask WHERE I purchased the phone because that information is irrelavant. Palm One has authorized Sprint as its warranty administrator. What that means is that regardless of where you purchase the phone Sprint is REQUIRED to adhere to the warranty offers that Palm One has promised.

    Since my phone had been activated for less than 14 days, I simply got to exchange the phone for a new one. Had the phone been older than 14 days old then Sprint would have been obligated to either provide me with a refurb or, if none were available, give me a new one.

    I've heard so many reports of Sprint NOT HONORING their agreement with Palm One and I have to wonder if Palm One is aware of what Sprint is doing.

    My suggestion is to go into the store and instead of ASKING for a replacement, go in and act like you already know that you are entitled to one. If you act like you know your rights you are much less likely to run up against opposition.

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    One thing that's important is to pick the right store, if that's an option. One where the people know what they're doing, the wait time is reasonable and they know about the 650. There's one such store where my wife works in Jersey, so rather than go here in NYC (a nightmare) I treked out there with her and got my unit replaced. Took about 45 minutes for them to diagnose (ie agree with me that the headset jack didn't work) and give me a replacement.

    Sprint stores deal with replacing phones all of the time. The 650 may be a bit more complex and expensive than most, but their proceedures are clear. If they can't fix it, they have to replace it. If you don't get satisfaction in the store, call *2 right then and there from any handset you can find and ask them what you're supposed to do -- and explain that you're in the store.
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    Had probs unlocking it brand new from the box. I went to a sprint store and asked for help. Walked out with a new phone. Took 2 hours, but I got another new phone. I'll be exchanging it soon as well... As soon as they come out with some solutions to our problems. Please, no ethical comments. I would not exchange it if it did not have defects. Bugs I have to "hack" to fix are defects in my eyes.
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    When I took mine into the Sprint store and told them the problem I was having with my ear piece being staticky, the lady looked up my account and within 2 minutes said, "Oh here it is. Sprint just posted a known issue with the ear piece. We'll just give you a new one." And that was that. Didn't even have to wait for a tech to look it over.
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    ...find another Sprint Store. Seriously. I took mine in because of a bad mic. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes with a new 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mortgageguy
    ...find another Sprint Store. Seriously. I took mine in because of a bad mic. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes with a new 650.
    I agree completely. There's the corporate-owned stores and there's the privately owned stores that contract with Sprint. Avoid the contracted ones like the plague. I fought and fought at one point to get a replacement Treo 300 and it was like pulling teeth. I just went to a corporate store when I was on vacation and I had a new Treo 300 on my doorstep within a few days. In that case, it didn't matter who you talked to, but rather what store you went to.

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