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    Hi, I am looking for a dictionary application where I can download into my palm. I am a very bad speller, these kind of applications would definitely help me. Can someone share what they know about the dictionary program with me. Thank you very much
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    I tried the version of Roget's from the Project Gutenberg. It didn't seem to search very well, so I deleted it. I would like to have those reference docs on my Visor as well.

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    I downloaded a 30 day trial of "Thesaurus" from
    I'm happy with I'll probable buy a copy ($15.00).

    NOTE: It's called "Thesaurus", but it has both a Thesaurus and a spell checker
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    i also have thesaurus from ddh, and i think its great. but it is only a spell checker and thesaurus. landware is building a springboard that will be a merriam webster dictionary. this is what i'm really waiting for. check it out on the springboard page - there's a link to their website.

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    I have to say I have been wanting a good spell checker. So I tried this program (thesaurus mentioned above)and tested it. It works okay but not nearly as well as it should. A spell checker has to give you an idea of words even if you are just one letter off or it isnít useful. For example I have two small spell checkers. One from Micronta (Radio Shack) and a Franklin that I paid about $15 for.

    One good example is say I want to find the correct spelling of the word "parallel" I type it in incorrect as "parellel", both small spell checkers I use give me the first correct word as "parallel" The Visor software never lists the correct word AT ALL, and it is only one letter off. 39 suggestions and the correct one is not even listed let alone the first suggestion. That is not a real challenge to a spell checker, one letter off. The author needs to work on his algorithm. If both handheld spell checkers catch it, this should as well.

    I guess I will wait until a better program comes out. If anyone has any suggestions let us know.

    I may invest in the Springboard if it is reasonably priced.

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