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    As a Visor/PDA newbie, I am still experimenting with hacks. Recently, I tried both Graffiti+keyboard and the 69-key keyboard hacks. I like the option of text input with graffiti and the keyboard at the same time (as allowed by the graffiti+keyboard hack) but prefer the 69 key keyboard to eliminate the need to switch back and forth between alpha and numeric keyboards.

    Is there any way to merge these two hacks to be able to use the 69 key keyboard and input text via graffiti at the same time?
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    There's an app called JOT, it costs $30 dollars, but is well worth it. This allows you to write graffiti anywhere on the screen, and allows you to write normal letters instead of graffiti letters. I use the 69-key keyboard hack, and Jot solves your problem. I'm not sure where you can get it from.
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    There's a new update to KeyboardHack... version 1.31, that now allows Graffiti with the 69-key layout. Works quite well, too.

    You can get it at

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!
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    Thanks for the update. That is exactly what I was looking for.

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