I had to hard reset my T650 today because I'd tried to install the the free PDA Cookbook software from Handango and ran out of room in the process. I wasn't paying attention to how much internal space was left (I think it was less than 2mb) and the .prc for the cookbook expands to install a bunch of files.

Boom, out of space! The T650 was in an endless reset loop and I finally managed to hard reset which was really hard to do because of the continuous soft resetting.

Well, now I had a clean T650 so I thought I'd try installing a Shadowmite ROM update. However, I don't have a card reader as the instructions require. Instead, I installed Softick's Card Export under a new profile and loaded the ROM update files to the card that way. Worked like a charm and the upgrade went off without a hitch.

Afterwards, I re-synced under the old profile and voila! Everything is back to normal. Now, to delete some apps and make more room.

[Note to self: Always check how much space is left before installing new apps.]