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    I know a lot of people have already found the sticky thread concerning the free 128MB card, but just in case...

    But I actually wanted to share with everyone that BestBuy has 1GB of SD for $60 (after $20 mail-in rebate) right now! Great offer. I ordered ZLauncher right after I got home with the SD card, after hearing everyone rave about the app, and am ready to fill the 650 up with everything under the sun!
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    I searched the Best Buy website for this offer and found nothing. Was it in an ad? What brand card?

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    It's still there:

    SanDisk 1.0GB Secure Digital Memory Card
    Model: SDSDB-1024

    Reg. Price: $109.99
    You Save: $30.00
    Sale: $79.99

    Save more! Up to: $20 mail-in rebates
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    Of course, CompUSA has the same card for $74.99 plus a $15 rebate:
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    I bought a 1G Sandisk SD card for $79.99 with a $20.00 rebate (total price: $59.99) at a Best Buy store a few days ago.
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