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    Anyone else waiting for the 500?
    "The three Bluetooth headsets are the JABRA BT500, successor of the B200 and BT250 models. The BT800 full-featured headset, and the BT110 entry level headset.

    The BT500 is an ultra-lightweight (20 grams) headset and is 30 percent slimmer than the earlier generation products. With up to 8 hours of talk time and 240 hours of standby time, the headset also features increased range, faster connection to the phone and improved audio quality. Additional features such as a LED indicator to display charging and battery levels, and a dedicated pairing button, are designed to offer greater convenience and ease of use to consumers.. "

    I love the design of the 250, but sounds like it doesn't work well with the 650.

    This 500 sounds perfect. smaller, lighter. I just hope that it works with the 650. Sounds like it's coming out in January? anyone else hear anything?
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    any news on this from CES?
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    i guess no one is interested in the bt500??
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    well the jabra bt330 is actually the palm treo headset and people are excited over that
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    I was waiting for the BT500, but after hearing bad reviews on the BT800, I had doubts about it, so I decided to give up on it and went for the HBH-660. I really like the form factor of the BT2xx models, so I may consider picking up the BT500 when it does come out, but only if I hear great reviews from my fellow Treo users.
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    looks like it's coming soon. I really hope this one works. I like that it fits in your pocket.
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    still nothing?
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    I was at my local (Virginia Beach) Best Buy today, picking up an S-Video cable for my tv. While walking through their cellphone assessories aisle, I saw the Jabra BT500. Its quite nice looking, gray and chrome platic and much thinner then the BT250v. Looks like it has a mini USB port for charging with a PC. At $114 bucks though I was not that tempted to buy it.
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    Well gang, I could not resist. I went back to my local (Virginia Beach) Best Buy this afternoon and plunked down $119 bucks the the Jabra BT500. I have only had a couple of hours to use it, but thought I would provide a quick run down.

    In the Box
    Jabra BT500 headset
    A/C charger with mini-USB charging plug
    USB charging cable for charging via PC
    Spare ear gels

    First Impressions
    The BT500 is slick looking. The housing is gray and black with the topside of the speaker boom a chrome silver. The unit itself is much thinner then the BT250 and 250v and "very" lite. The ear gels are a gray tinted clear rubber. Volume control buttons, dedicated pairing button and status LED's are covered by a strip of light gray rubber. Volume buttons are raised, while the pairing button is recessed. There are 2 status LED's, one for charging status (red or green) and one for BT activity. During use the only LED in operation is the BT status LED. Since it is behind the gray rubber, it does not flash overly brightly the way the Treo BT and Scala 500 headsets do. The charging LED stays red while charging, turning green when fully charged. During use it is off until the batt starts to wear down, then will flash red. Manual says 8hrs talk time and 240 hours standby time. Below the before mentioned controls, moving towards the speaker boom, is the mini-USB charging port. Below this and closest to the booms tip is the call answer/end button. This button is the same gray color as the rubber strip mentioned above.

    I charged the BT500 for about 75mins before making use of it. The wife and I were heading out to a matinee (40yr Old Virgin...MUST SEE!) and I wanted to take it with me. As the charging LED was still red before I used it, I was not able to gauge the total time needed for a full charge. I didnt see it mentioned in the manual, although I really have not RTFM yet.

    The one button pairing is nice. Press it in and the BT500 goes into pairing mode. The button is recessed, so I used the tip of my Treo stylus to press it. No problems pairing with my SPCS Treo 650.

    Making Calls
    Calls are transfered to the BT500 as quickly as my Treo BT and Scala 500 headsets. No complaints here.

    Redial from Headset
    Holding the call answer/end button for a second redials the last number called. Works no better or worse then my Treo BT and Scala 500 headsets. Again, no complaints here.

    Receivings Calls
    Calls are transfered to the headset as set up in the Treo's handsfree preferance control. Calls can also be answered by using the call answer/end button on the headset. When a call comes in the headset makes a tone to make you aware of the call. Again, no complaints with this function.

    Sound Quality
    This of course is the most important aspect of any headset. As mentioned above I own both a Treo BT and Scala 500 headset, as well as an unused Jabra BT250. While the first 2 are fine headsets, I have always prefered the behind-the-ear design of the of BT250. The previous versions of this type of Jabra, the BT250 and BT250v never worked quite well with the Treo. Sound quality was always dismal and the auto answer and redial functions never worked. After having only used the BT500 for a couple of hours, I can honestly say these previous short comings have been resolved.

    To my ears, the BT500 sounds clearer then the Treo BT and Scala 500 headsets. Its also louder, this of course can be attributed to the in-the-ear-canal design of the ear gels. Static is not a problem, unless of course I am far way from the headet or the Treo is on the opposite side of my body then the BT500. Having delt with static with both the Treo BT and Scala 500, I can say this is less of an issue with the BT500. I was able to get 20ft away from my Treo with no loss of sound quality or static. The caveat of course is that the BT500 and Treo need to be in line of sight with each other. Once I turned my body I got the static.

    Overall and in comparison with the Treo BT and Scala 500...I am more then pleased with the BT500.

    I'll get a bit more use out of the BT500 and update this initial review. Of course should any TC forum member ask a question, I will be more then happy to answer.
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    as the original starter of this thread, and now owner of both the sony hbh-300 and logitech mobile, I am all about sound quality and more importantly, noise cancellation. I had the plantronics voyager 510 and tried the treo wireless, both failed the ability to make calls in the car and not let on that I was in the car.

    The hbh-300 and logitech, both have superb noise cancellation. I can be in the suburban 70mph on the freeway (it's a 99' so there's lots of road noise) and people say they can't tell i'm in the car and they think I'm at home.

    i do tons of calls for business and this is the most important feature. I'm now using the hbh-300 90% of the time because of the 10hr battery life (not sure I actually get that) but more importantly it fits in my pocket.

    Ideally the bt500 would be the ultimate headset as it fits in the pocket, is small, light and has a decent battery life. But please do some noise cancellation tests and let me know how they turn out. i.e. calls while standing outside, driving, in a noisy environment like the mall, etc..

    Thanks so much for finding this, I hope it's all that...
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    for the most part, have have to agree with cgordonn's initial impressions of the bt500. I got this headset since my hs810 didn't have "full" functionality with my 650. the 500 is slimmer and feels lighter than the previous freespeaks and none of the issues reported with the bt800 have cropped up in my use. I've tried all the functions and they work as advertised. most important for me was the fact that the outgoing calls automatically get routed to the headset (no more hitting send on my treo and then hitting the button on my headset). The only thing I differ in opinion on is that I find the volume of the headset a bit too low. the call quality is fine, but i'd simply prefer a bit more volume. oh, and the phone rings in the headset but there is a delay. i think it finally rings in the headset on the 4th ring or so. no biggie, since you can still answer the phone before that. overall, i'm happy with my purchase, but it hasn't even been 24 hours yet. but right now, the bt500 is tops in my book.
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    After reading your review I had to go to Best Buy and get one. Best Buy did not have them on the shelves yet. The sales clerk had to get them from their loading dock. Everything seems to work fine. It took a little longer than I anticipated to "pair" the devices, but it everthing works now. I noticed that you really do get better reception when your earphone is on the same side as your phone. I tried right ear/left side and got a little static.

    Does the BT500 allow for autoanswering when the phone rings? I have been using a Cardo Scala 500 for a while. The sound quality has been great, although it doesn't always feel stable on ear. With the Cardo Scala 500 it autoanswered when the phone rang. This is a nice feature. Thanks.

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    Yes, the BT500 will auto answer, based on the settings you have in the "handsfree" preferances control.
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    How do I setup the autoanswer feature. I realize this is probably a dumb question, but is it setup on the Treo 650 or the BT500 or both. I can find where I change the feature on the phone.

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    Auto answer is set up on the Treo. Look in PREFS>HANDSFREE. I keep mine set to auto answer after 2 rings.
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    Under the phone application the following showing up:
    General Preferences
    Sound Preferences
    Phone Preferences
    Dial Preferences

    I can't seem to find a preference that allows me set it to handsfee. I must be doing something wrong.

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    Thats because your looking in the wrong place. Go into the Treo's app launcher and look for PREFS. There are a whole list of preferance settings here, time, format, network, HANDSFREE, etc...
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    I just remembered how to set the hands free. Thanks for the help

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    I just recently bought this after having had the BT250 and Nokia HS-4W and this thing is it. It is the best of the bunch (also the newest) and works flawlessly with my T650. Response is fast and the only time I have connection issues is when disconnecting the charger. There's a brief period where it doesn't respond but 1 push of the answer button reconnects it.
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