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    I'm looking at buying an aluminum case for the Treo 650. I've narrowed it down to these two. I like the fact that you can access the keyboard with the Pacific Rim one but I also like the fact that the Innopocket one is better protected from falls. Can anyone tell me which one is a slimmer, smaller case? I've decided to buy the one that is the least bulkiest. Thanks in advance

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    I personally would go with the pacrim since easy access to the kb is a must for me. But if that is not a big deal and you are going on size alone, the pacrim looks like it would be less bulky ( mostly because of the lack of kb cover). I would also get some opinions on the quality of the case lining.

    Innopocket lists the size of their case on the product page so you may want to email pacrim and see if they have the size info for their case.
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    I was looking at those two as well .... I have placed an order for Pacific Rim because having played with my colleague's hardcase with Treo 600 ... it was just not convenient having to open up the case every time I had to type something, no matter how short.
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    I have the RhinoSkin one (very similar- however no face exposed). I like it- my only complaint are that it scratches easily, (however better the case than the phone) and it's a little too bulky with the belt clip on. Other than that- I love it for when I use the headset- and it goes in that case when I go mountain biking- I don't fear a thing! If it's for every day use- I would go with the pacrim (more convenient), or if it's for when you're doing more "dirty" work, go with the other.

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