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    my unit soft resets when i start up versamail.. Can someone please help me and tell me how to reinstall?


    I deleted some accounts from FileZ

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    I need to re-install and I don't know how to either. I get this message that VersaMail is running... but I can't see it, and out of the processes that are running I can't find it either.
    I hope someone tells us.
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    Just took care of this yesterday. I did a search for 'versamail' & 'reset' and found (which I can't now) an ongoing thread. You use filez to delete a file. It immediately worked and I was able to use again without having to set up everything.
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    You need to do a hard reset and then reinstall the software.

    I talked to tech support. We probobly had a corrupt file... keep in mind when you hard reset you will also delete all the info on your device.

    You will also need to create a new backup folder.. you can call it whatever you want but call it something.
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    where is filez? or ho do I get it...
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    Which file did you deleted to make versamail work again...
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    You need to delete all of the MMIDCache files (I believe there are 8 of them, numbered 0-7)
    Multimail Disconnect
    MultiMail Attachments
    MultiMail Messages

    Delete these from your backup folder as well.

    From some reading I did, it appears that the corruption is caused by something in the Hotsync conduit, so the best thing to do (what i did to eliminate it from happening again) is to change the hotsync settings to ignore versamail, and do nothing when connected. That way Versamail will only sync with your online folder, not through your backup.
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    SailRace: thanks! You solved the issue for me as well, I have two other threads that deal with this. I post your solution in those threads too.
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    Thanks. That di it.

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