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    I submitted this question to the MobileDB website (, but I thought I'd try it here as well:

    I downloaded the latest MobileDB during Handango's free application promotion. When I try to install it via Hotsync, I get a fatal exception. After resetting, MobileDB seems to be installed, but when I try to start the demo, I get another fatal exception. I did a hard reset on my device and tried reinstalling MobileDB only. I don't get the fatal exception when I Hotsync, but I still get a fatal exception when trying to launch MobileDB. I am a current user of MobileDB Lite and that always worked fine on my Treo 270. Any suggestions?
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    I loaded it up this week end on my Treo 600 without a problem.
    Good Luck
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    I've exchanged a few emails with Handmark and they sent me a different prc file and my problem is solved. They're tech support was extremely responsive.

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