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    I'm looking for subway maps and instructions -- I see NYC maps, but I'm looking for Japanese cities -- especially Tokyo and Sapporo.

    Many Thanks
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    I found a map of Tokyo subway but it's in Japanese--you need J-OS to view it. Have you tried MetrO avail from PalmGear HQ? It's not a map but will tell you where to change train etc. I haven't tried Tokyo one but Washington D.C. one worked well.
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    Thx Taki,
    that helps, although it's just a bitmap (and not very clear)

    next time I go to metro center, I'll get a map and scan myown
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    I found subway maps on the web & tried to load it using AvantGo. But it was too small to read Tokyo subway is really complicated(I've lived in Tokyo) so I would recommend MetrO which gives you instruction. Even Japanese people use a program called Train similar to this.
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    Thanks -- I'm looking at MetrO -- I think that will help.


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