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    I've had the phone a week and I have gotten so many complaints that "you sound like your in a tunnel" and "what, I didn't hear you" that it's driving me crazy! I am not using any headset or speakerphone, just the regular phone to ear method. Anyone else having these issues??? I am about to take the damn thing back.
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    the problem is that the 650 is a SMART phone.

    Try reading the forum, show your 650 you are smart enough to use it by not posting a question like that without first looking to see there are threads with hundreds of posts on the topic.

    " A search (even in vain) stops flame"
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    Wow, thanks guy. Your so helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ 2nd Nature
    Wow, thanks guy. Your so helpful.

    Umm, I agree with him (above) as well...

    There are a million posts here about outgoing sound quality, try to read!
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    easy on the new guy!
    its true though.. there are a buncha posts. bottomline palm released this dumbphone (which i love) without the proper debugs and there are rom updates in the works which will fix the problem evident by a copy of the beta upgrade direct from palm on this site which has fixed sound issues for the people have have installed it. i will wait till the final though because my 650 is finally stable
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    Thanks wahili. I agree, prob should have read up first, but damn, peeps on this board are tough, I'm defiantly not feelin the love. Did I really waste your time that bad midimofan?

    I've been reading one thread for the past hour, longggg. I didn't even get to the part about the patches, so thanks for that info.
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    Welcome DJ 2nd Nature.
    We really are glad that you are here.
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    If you check out the Forum guidelines you will see it specifically requests you do a search before posting questions. There has been a problem on the board with people constantly posting the same questions --that have already been discussed and answered-- over and over again. This clogs up the board, pushes relevent threads down or even off the page, makes it hard to find topics and, perhaps the worst thing in the long run, makes it harder for people who DO search the board before posting, to find the best thread on the topic they have a question on.

    Furthermore, in this case, the big thread on sound quality (which says "sound quality patch" right in it) almost never leaves the front page since there is so much activity (once I saw it go to the second page for just a bit) so it would not even take a "search" just look down at the posts already there.

    Lastly your post was not just a question but also a rant. If it had just said "Please help me, I am having sound quality problems." I probably would have been less condensending. But thats not what your post was like. So, especially if you are going to post in that tone, see if there are other doing it first.

    " A search (even in vain) stops flame"
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    I was more of a "help me" post than a rant, however, I respect your advice on the posts. Thank you. Thank you to Markito as well.
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    To echo what wahili said, PalmOne released this phone with lots of software bugs. The most annoying of them is the phone software...the audio when using the phone (without a headset) is terrible. It seems they over-tweaked the noise cancellation software to the point that it makes your voice choppy or digitized.

    PalmOne released a ROM update that addresses this issue. The problem is they didn't make it public, and released it to a single individual (a member on this board). He then released it to us, and lo-and-behold the ROM update does fix the poor audio. Unfortunately, the method which you update the software is very risky, and can fry your hardware if done incorrectly. Hopefully, PalmOne releases the final ROM patch with a simple updater, so the average consumer can actually use the phone.

    There are literally hundreds of posts in many topics discussing this problem. Take a look around and you will get a feel for the issue/solution. If you want to dive in head first, the ROM updates are located at (a member here who knows more about the Treo than PalmOne engineers themselves!!).

    Here you will find the original ROM update as released to (faisal) a member of this form. Also, their are many "custom" ROMs that add/delete programs to the factory ROM. Of course, use at your own risk, as you can either break your device or void your warranty (possibly) if you use them.

    Personally, I used a custom ROM that applied the voice patch, removed real player and some other junk, etc. I can finally use my phone as a phone now.

    You'll find this forum very useful for all issues you will encounter. Good luck.
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    Thanks ericshmerick. I am finding this information in the middle on the 27 page post. Thanks so much for the help guys.

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