After posting in several threads I decided I'd start one about how upset I am over the 650's BT performance. I want to start out by thanking Jeff Gibson for his BTMute program, but let it be known that it isn't a fix for me. That being said, I move forward.
1. The volume level on the BT is SOOOO low, it's unusable in every vehicle I've been in. I am slightly hard of hearing (or at least heading that way, too much rock music at way higher decibels than a human's ears should be subjected to) and as a result I just get angry and don't use it.
2. Toggling the mute does get the volume to an acceptable level, but not all the time. The trick is about 50/50 for me.
3. When the mute trick does work, it doesn't last. Even with NO button presses of ANY kind, the volume levels revert to unusable after a few minutes. The longest conversation I've been able to have before it reverted was 18, roughly. Not much considering I use over 6000 minutes a month!
3. Only one out five calls initiated by me, does the phone auto-connect to the headset. Now, this COULD be my headset (HS810), but with SO many other BT related problems, and the fact that I have employees who use the same headset with three other makes of phones and it works flawlessly, I sorta doubt it.
4. The audio connection itself is flaky. The snaps, crackles, pops. The weak transmission "What did you say?" when the phone has perfect signal. And on and on.
Anyway, who else is experiencing these issues? Let's make sure we get all the BT problems down in this thread, then I'd like to email it to Palm. Thanks.