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    Hi there - my 270 has started causing many problems and it includes the viration alert - which sometimes works and sometimes does not -

    When recieving a call in silent mode (including ringer-on mode) i have to jiggle with the treo to finally get it to vibrate and in a split second it goes off while still pressing it in different areas i might get it to vibrate again - i feel its somwhere near the SIM door area where if i squeeze gently the vibration starts- my gutt feeling is to tighten the bottom screws should i do it or is there some other gimmick (PS i have a pieces of paper between the SIM card and the door would that affect the vibrator?)

    Any ideas?
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    The piece of paper (I guess to improve SIM contact with the terminals) should'nt affect the vibrate mechanism.

    Looking at your Treo face-on, the vibrate motor is about 1/3 the way up from the bottom on the right hand side. It is actually mounted on the back case so fixing this is quite easy (I'm presuming it's just a contact issue - like the SIM )

    Take your Treo back off (if you haven't done this before, there are numerous posts on how to do it).

    On the right side, inside the back, you'll see a small motor with an offset counter weight on the bottom (the weight causes the vibration when it spins).

    On the motor are two contact terminals. Gently bend these up about 2mm.

    Re-assemble and that should do the trick.
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    Thanks, nzmoko, with the help of your post I was able to fix the same problem on my 270 - saved me time and money.

    Wilfried from Germany

    P.S.: I've just added my two bits' worth to drawab's problem with the SIM-card - I firmly believe it is a design flaw with the spring on that back door.

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