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    I am interested in entering any US city or county name into a program on my Treo 600 (not on line) and getting an abstract about the area, such as population, elevation, census information, industry, tourism, etc. I'd like to learn more about the random places that I fly over during commutes, but I only care at the time I realize I am flying over them (via GPS). I've searched a bit with no luck. I don't really want any "top 200 cities" stuff, but something where I can plug in "BFE, NV" and it gives me a little information. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    iPedia, which is a wireless encyclopedia for Palm / Treo is a good application to give you the info you want.

    While it might be surprising that an encyclopedia fits what you describe, it does. Just search for the city you want to read about (e.g. "seattle" or "san francisco") and you'll get a very comprehensive article about this city which includes recent census information, history, economy, info about interesting places in that city etc. Plus it is reachly hyper-linked, so you can branch out and find out more in-depth information about places mentioned in the main article.

    A lot (and I really mean "a lot") of U.S. cities are covered. If you know the exact name of the city and state, the fastest way to get there is by entering "city, state" in the search field (e.g. "san jose, ca", "new york, ny") but a search by just the name will work well too.

    You can download free trial version.

    I am a developer of this software and I'll be happy to hear your feedback on it: does it give you the information you want, how can we make it better etc.

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