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    I'm using Snappermail v1.9.2 and I'm trying to attach a photo taken using my Treo600, but I'm having a hard time finding the photo to attach. When I hit the "attach" button, I get a list of ALL the files on my Treo, but I don't see my picture.
    Can I circumvent PictureMail this way?
    I've also tried using Pickem, but everytime I try and send an image that way, I get a "BAD DATA" popup.

    Any suggestions on how to email photos w/o having to pay for PictureMail?
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    If you save them to you card, you can send them that way (they will be in the DCIM folder). There is probably another way as well.

    The problem is that snapper looks at files but the photos on the Treo are stored in a single file (when in internal memory). When they are stored on a card, they are individual files.
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    Ah - gotcha! i just got my Treo a few weeks ago, and no card yet - but since the cards are SO cheap now, I guess I'll just pick one up on the way home from work.


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