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    On this site about two months ago I saw some chatter about a shareward that lets you use ACT! more like the Palm OS on the phone. I tried it and it was miserable..any other ideas from anyone. I love my Treo, hate that my ACT! does not integrate with the NAv buttons and wanna wring ACT! necks for discontinuing this there no one out there supporting the little woman?
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    You did not give me enough info for this reply, but here is a reply to one situation....
    Treo 600 w/ Act 6.0 & Act for Palm OS.
    I have added two little programs TreoTweak, and VolumeRocker.
    The first program TT is $10 and comes w/ a free trial, and VR is free.
    The combination of the two programs allow you to navigate in Act for Palm without using the stylist.
    Now if we could get caller ID, & a way to paste the email addresses to snapper, life would be near a pinnacle.
    I am sure this answer does not apply to the 650 or to other Act versions.

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    Let ACT know now that you are interested in an update for ACT! for Palm OS via
    and also call Customer Service asking for details on when they will have an update for the Treo 650 Palm OS v5.4 ****CALL- 877-386-8083 ****

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