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    I would like to use a launcher (like launch em) that looks like the mac desktop on my visor. I saw one on the palmgear site but was unable to make it work. I have sent emails to the author for help but have not been contacted so far. If anyone knows of another one, or has been able to make the one on the palmgear site work, please email me.
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    as a mac user myself, i was instantly intrigued by your post when i saw it. i've been looking for something like it ever since. i'm not sure what app you were talking about before, but i found something called handscape - available at

    it has nameable app tabs, drag and drop capability, it even has a trashcan in the lower left corner! and best of all it's free. the earlier version of it is on the incompatibility list, but i downloaded and installed the newest version, and it's worked okay for me so far. you should register (for free), by the way, while you're at the website - it might save you some hassle later. anyway, its exactly the launcher i've been waiting for. i'm very pleased. you can set it to open on startup, or to rplace the app launcher of the palm os (which you can always restore).

    finally, a palm app as intuitive as a mac. i'm in heaven


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