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    Does anyone know about calls being dropped when getting into vehicles? 99.9% of the time when I get into my car while on the phone the call will drop as soon as I close the door. I am on my 3rd replacement treo & do not recall my original treo doing this (the speaker went dead & would only work with a headset). so since I have been switched out to a replacement phone, my calls have been dropping left & right.

    Sprint rep said it may be a anti-theft radio signal issue, but I don't know if I buy this story as I do not recall my original phone ever doing this.

    Does anyone else have this problem or can verify that they can safely get into car without calls dropping?

    BTW I drive ford expedition
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    Check out this thread:

    looks like the door closing causes the phone to hang up, read all about it.
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    I was using a 3 band Verizon earset without a hang-up button while walking from my car in a big parking lot into a department store on a very windy day. My call was dropped whenever the wind was gusting. Once in the store no more dropped calls. Leaving the store back to the car dropped the call a few more times with each wind gust. In that instance it was sound pressure (which exceeded a certain threshold) that hung up the call. This was on a 600. Wonder if this was fixed in the 650?
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    Well....I switched back to my JABRA headphone & no more dropped calls. About the time my 1st phone went !@#@%$$ I switched to a plantronics headset because I was going through the JABRA head sets at a rate of about 1 every 6 weeks. They have a tendency to short out. I guess the wires are breaking inside near the jack or at the on/off button. I'll just have to make sure I purchase the "extended warranty" on them so I can get my replacements for free.

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