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    I am a die hard Treo and Palm lover. Have had every palm since the "Pilot" was released. I love smartphones. I bought two "entry level" LG phones from Verizon for my kids for Christmas. What a shock. The camera has a flash and takes GREAT pictures. It already has voice recognition and a voice recorder. For $50 and get one free. What is the deal with Palmone. Surely they could do this if they wanted. Very disappointed in Palmone.
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    The camera is probably a low priority item for a Treo. In fact, to be a credible business tool, it is probably preferred not to have a camera.

    Voice recognition and recording is possible on Treo, albeit with software.

    Consider the things that those LG "entry-level" phones CAN'T do that the Treo can!
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    In addition to what Klam posted.

    Those camera phones quality are pathetic and the flash is next to useless when taken in the dark. While the Treo has 1000's of applications it can run on the Palm platform along with play MP3's, watch movies, etc... Name a $50 phone that can do the same thing.

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    Yeah...what he said.

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    Ditto. I have a Sanyo 8100 which takes smaller yet better pic than my treo 600.
    BUT the treo replaces the use for me to lug my laptop all over the place.
    Be happy with the $50 phone take the pics with that use the treo for everything else.
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