Hello all.

Can anyone help me understand how Mundu, the IM application, works?

I've been reading up on IM programs but am having a hard time comparing Mundu to the others because there is no clear indication on exactly how it works. Does it work through SMS or web access? If it works through web access, does that mean I have to be connected at all times when I am using Mundu or does it allow to save battery life and only switch on when needed?

It is just not clearly explained anywhere, that I've found, on how Mundu handles all the communications -- so I can't compare it fully to the other services out there.

The other reason I ask is because I don't have Vision on my SprintPCS phone. So, I'm trying to figure out if $15 a month for Vision, and unlimited web access, or $5/$10 a month (for 100/unlimited SMS) is the better choice. I have a very basic plan, so I can't even test it out myself.

The Vision plans also say they provide "unlimited instant messaging from AIM and YIM". Does Mundu act in such a fashion to take advantage of this? If so, does that mean I can not be connected to the web all the time?

If any Mundu users can help clear this up for me, I would appreciate it! Thanks for any help!