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    The last hour I've been getting an error 3000 - cannot connect, try later error (I'm in NYC)

    Anyone else? I called Sprint and they said it's probably because of all the new activations.... vision overload...
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    I lost sprint service last week, though I was getting DNS failures (couldn't look up things like Was in the car so tech support had to give me the magic secret code to try which I wrote down. That's supposed to reset the phone/vision without blowing everything away. Ran that and then my phone went into an infinite reboot cycle (thanks versamail), so then I hard reset and I was able to get back on.
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    update - it's back on - no reset or anything. Must have been traffic overload...
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    I've been getting Error 3000 most of today. My guess is that Sprint can't predict (or deal with) how customer usage patterns may change when a
    large influx of new subscribers are added. I've been able to get SMS messages fine thru Sprint but I've not been able to connect to Vision in the last 2.5 hours (where my phone was attempting a connection about every 30 seconds via Pocket Tunes). I have yet to call Sprint to see what they say.
    Hopefully they'll correct the bottlenecks in the next few days. We'll see.
    (I don't remember it being this bad after last Christmas. Maybe now most of the new phones have Vision and this might be contributing to the bigger problem in some areas.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclancy
    where my phone was attempting a connection about every 30 seconds via Pocket Tunes
    You can disable that if you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by michael82574
    You can disable that if you want.
    Thanks, (I hadn't realized this could be disabled.) Actually I was taling
    advantage of that feature to "automatically" reconnect in hopes that I
    would get past the error 3000.

    I reprovisioned Vision and that worked for about a day, until my device
    went dead. When I brought it back from a backup, it wouldn't connect
    again. I tried ##3282 to reprovison Vision, and it was still getting the
    error 3000, so I tried ##774 hoping that I could do a ##3282 afterwards
    without getting error 3000, but instead I still get the error 3000 and the
    phone is unprovisioned. Sprint says I need at least a solid 3 bar signal
    for the IOTA (Internet Over The Error) to be pushed to the phone from
    their side. From home, this phone is fluctuating between 1-3 bars at
    most. I went driving around and got 4 bars but I couldn't keep it once
    I stopped the car. This is a refurb phone that they replaced on 12/20/04
    and I'm pretty sure there are two things wrong with it:
    1) While surfing the web (Xiino), it went dead (like a battery reset
    except upon reconnecting the charger, it powered up with the
    battery showing lots of juice (92% today). A battery reset is
    supposed to drain the battery. In my case, the battery was not
    2) The phone seems to not get as strong a signal as my previous t600
    and has been getting error 3000's the last two times after 1 above
    After my driving around tonight, the battery was down to 62% after the
    first trip. Then I took my wife's phone with me looking for a 4 bar signal.
    (I was hoping to call *2 on my wife's phone and ask them to push a new
    Vision profile to my phone.) The trouble was, on the 2nd trip, I could not
    get the phone to keep a 4 bar signal anywhere. I'd be driving down the
    highway and when I got 4 bars, I would pull over, then the signal would
    fluctuate to as low as 1 bar. I finally decided to come back home to
    recharge the phone. Tomorrow I'll drive up to the tower with a fully
    charged phone and try again. (Oh Yeah, the reason I drove to several
    towers was that I was hoping that some other tower would not give me
    an error 3000.) Sprint told me that error 3000 meant that something
    equivalent to "all the lines in the tower are being used, so we'll give you
    an error 3000 rather than bringing the whole tower down. I seriously
    doubt that several towers between Boston and Attleboro on route 1 were
    all busy at 2AM in the morning, so I think error 3000 might also mean
    something like "your phone could not reliably find a tower" in addition to
    "all the lines on the tower are busy". Hopefully I'll have better luck later
    in the morning when the battery is fully charged.
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    Hmnnn well you could try changing your password on the PCS website under my controls. It would send a provision over the airwaves. That might work. If not talk to teir 2 tech. You shouldnt need 3 bars to complete it. When you did the ##3282# did you get your MSL code? (im not sure it will work on a 600) then you can assign your password right to your phone. If that doesnt work then its there towers not your phone. I have had problems with vision being out for a few days. It might be the weather LOL
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    Thanks for the suggestions. (I had already tried both of these ideas.)
    I broght my phone to the Sprint store today and it failed (at least 2 of)
    the diagnostics. They ordered another refurb for me. My current phone
    clearly does not have the transmit and receive power that it needs. It
    worked a little while for data today but has reverted back to the error 3000's.

    Moral of the story: If you get error 3000's from multiple towers even at
    2AM, it is likeky your phone and not the tower. Go to a sprint store and
    get your phone replaced when it fails diagnostics.
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