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    After growing tired of my Treo 650 crashing 3-4 times a day, I decided to pay a visit to my local Sprint store. Once I arrived there and explained my problem, I was told they couldn’t do anything until I took the phone to the local service center and have a technician look at it. Heavy sigh…

    So, I made a trek to the Sprint Service center and, after waiting about 15 minutes, was told to proceed to the service desk. Once there, a surly gentleman, who clearly was not happy about being employed, wrote up a “technician ticket” and told me it would be about 45 minutes. Heavy sigh...

    After checking back at 45, 60, 75 and 90 minutes, I was finally told the phone was ready and to bring the phone and the “receipt” to the cashier so they could explain to me what was wrong. (?) Once I did this, I was told by another surly and indignant-about-being-employed guy that he couldn’t locate in their “system” any record of the phone being repaired. I patiently explained that it was just this very day “looked at” by a technician. After several more aimless minutes of seemingly random mouse clicks, he went to the back (technician) room and returned 5 minutes later with the news that the phone “passed” but that they couldn’t vouch for the PDA part of the phone and that I’d have to contact PalmOne about that. Heavy sigh...

    Without engaging him in a discussion of the illogic of his “the Sprint part of the phone is working fine” argument, I told him I wanted a replacement. He said he could give me a replacement if I’d gotten the phone after November 15th. I said I did (via Sprint online). He asked for my receipt, which I didn’t have. I asked him why he couldn’t look it up and he told me he could only look up receipts on items purchased in that particular store…

    Whatdaya wanna bet if I go back to that same store with my receipt I’m told a completely different story... Maybe outsourcing isn’t such a bad idea…
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    I feel your pain. I'm in Philly. I was having a problem with my "J" key sticking so I went to one Sprint store and the guy was going to swap it out no problem, but there was no manager around to approve it so he asked me to come back on Monday. I asked him to call to a different store (17th and Market in Center City) to see if a manager was available there, which he did, and there was.

    So I make my way over to that store. I tell them that I've been having problems with my "J" key sticking and I'd like to do a warrenty swap. They tell me that they don't do warrenty swaps. I asked why and they said they just don't. They order replacements for you, but you have to have the phone diagnosed first. I said sure..."Just go to the memo application and press the "J" key. You'll see that it sticks." They said nope...have to evaluate the entire phone. How stupid is that!!!??? I took my phone back and I'll just head back over to the other Sprint store tomorrow.

    I don't know where they get these people and why you get a different answer between stores. But don't ever bother going to deal with that Sprint store if you live in Philly.
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    Sounds like standard Sprint service to me.

    Why be upset about what you know sucks?
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    In terms of the treo 650 sprint has been horrible. I attempted to visit a sprint service store to have them look into a headset jack problem I had which was causing audio disstortion any time I tried to listen to music or watch a video.

    I explained to the tech person what the issue was and he told me that because the phone was so new they couldn't give me one they had in stock because they need it for new customers. Not really my problem but he suggested I contact palm1 since I purchased the phone from them.

    I was annoyed but did contact palm1 and they are sending me a replacement.
    That being said I've never had a problem before returning any treo's that had issues.
    Prior to that I returned a bad treo 300, and a week or two before purchasing my treo 650 I returned my treo 600.

    So I don't know what sprint's problem is. Usually they have been very helpful. I'm really hoping it's just because the phone is new and once they have enough stock they will play ball again.

    The one thing that troubles me is that depending on what service center you go to they have different service policies.
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    I wish companies would get over their current fascination with "scripting". I can't stand these insincere platitudes and statements of empathy! Clearly this guy is not from the US. The English is perfectly understandible, but just "off" enough to let you know it's not his native language...


    Thank you for contacting Sprint.

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience experienced while trying to
    get the phone replaced. Please be assured this experience is not
    typical of the service standard we strive to provide. It is our intent
    to treat you with courtesy, respect, and understanding and to provide
    the highest quality of service in all areas.

    Under no circumstances do we allow or endorse such behavior. It is
    certainly not appropriate on any level. Please know that I have
    forwarded your note along to the appropriate departments so that they
    may take further necessary action.

    Further, if you wish to have a purchase receipt for the handset, then I
    can direct you to the appropriate department. As you have purchased
    your phone through our Web site, you can get a receipt by contacting our
    Internet Order desk at 1-888-253-1315. While making the call please
    keep your order number available.

    Also, I would personally recommend you to visit another store to get a
    replacement handset under warranty.

    We value your time and your efforts to explain your issue so that I can
    address the same in the best possible manner.

    For your ease and comfort, I have attached a supporting note your
    account about the problem you are experiencing so that the specialist
    who assists you, will have a point of reference which will also save
    your precious time. Our specialist will look into the matter and will
    take necessary actions for the same.

    Your cooperation and understanding in this matter will be greatly

    Jacob S
    Sprint eCare"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Argelius
    I wish companies would get over their current fascination with "scripting". I can't stand these insincere platitudes and statements of empathy!
    I totally agree with you, it's hypocrisy in the highest degree, how they write paragraphs about how they care about you but won't do a thing to help. What always gets the customer service monkeys on the other hand is when I, realizing they're going off on a script, tell them to stop reading the script and talk to me like a regular human being. Invariably, after a few confused seconds of silence and/or mumbling on their end, they resume reading from the script. The worst, by far, are Dell reps, with their Indian accent. I know, Dell said they've stopped outsourcing customer service overseas, but I talked to a CS monkey today which clearly brought Apu from The Simpsons to mind -- picture him reading Argelius's letter from the previous post and you're guaranteed to be in for a couple of laughs.

    Now to be fair to them, it is company policy that dictates the use of scripts, so the monkeys are not to blame, except for, well, sticking to the policy.


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