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    OK, I've been installing Beyond Contacts, Keysuite, and Agendus multiple times in the past few days and I've pretty much decided that they're all unusable for one reason or another.

    Either it's bugs, or views, or failing to synchronize categories, or resets, or lack of options, or slowness, button assignments, etc...

    BEFORE I GO INSANE , can someone tell me how to synchronize Agendus with my Outlook contacts?

    Here's what I'm looking for:

    • outlook integration
    • support for thousands of contacts
    • single-line views for email and contacts
    • preservation of as many contacts fields as possible
    • ability to use 3rd party email apps like Snappermail
    • Somewhat fast
    • Dial from contact
    • In a wonderful world, SD card support

    Beyond Contacts was slow and bloated
    Keycontacts wouldn't preserve my categories
    Agendus won't import my contacts

    I swear, if I do one more round of installs, I'll go insane.

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    If you find a way of syncing Agendus in an effective way with Outlook, Im also interested. You would think it would be a "must" for any contact management program due to the widespread use of Outlook (even if it does suck), but so far I can find a way.
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    I settled on reducing my # of categories and I'm using Keycontacts with Snappermail.

    The deal-breaker for me for Agendus: it won't sync with Outlook contacts.

    And Agendus Mail won't sync (X) number of days for email (it simply retrieves 15 emails each time it syncs). I like the "look" of it and the folder layout, but Snappermail won because you can also move mail to an SD card.

    Beyond Contacts was OK, but it was a bit sluggish and slow.

    So, in the end, it's Keysuite + Snappermail + Mundu for IM.
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    Look for PocketMirror. PocketMirror will sync your Treo w/ Outlook instead of the Palm Desktop. It comes w/ your device (you select which desktop app to sync w/ during initial setup). 3rd party app SwitchSync allows you to sync w/ both desktop applications.

    I'm using a trial of Agendus and it syncs w/ Outlook perfectly. It's not Agendus that's having trouble syncing w/ Outlook, Agendus is just the interface. Agendus creates/reads/edits contacts from the same database that the Contacts program does on your Treo.

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