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    I just chatted with a helper on Friday about upgrading to the T650 (I have T600 now). I would say positively my CS rep was from India, so maybe he didn't understand me? Anyway I asked if I can upgrade to the 650 and he said since I was an ATT customer, I had to switch to Cingular to get the 650. I said, well, wait a minute, they have merged so why do I need to switch? His reply: ATT will not support the 650, only the 600.

    Well, turns out my account can't be duplicated on Cingular's network (I have unlimited internet, unlimited email, and 700 min/mo for $90). Because of my area code, he said Cingular offers NO INTERNET. So I decided to stay with ATT, of course. But I'm wondering, if I get a GSM T650 can't I just insert my SIM and use it? What gives? And what has anyone else heard from Cingular about the T650? I'm in Southern Cali, Inland Empire, and my area code is 909, the rep called that "L.A." (we're at least 90 mi from LA) and said it's not on Cingular's internet area.

    Thanks for any help,
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    Please check the
    "I will wait for GSM" thread .Read last 25 or so posts.That will help answer your questions.I would even suggest you make your querries there.
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    Thanks, M.
    Been a while since I read that thread (I replied a while ago).

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