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    Just received my 650 and wondered which site has the most Palm friendly directions / street address layout? Thanks!
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    But it looks different on q 650 (used it on 600). the map seems too small. maybe switch to wide mode...
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    Both and give you good directions, but the map is too small on that tiny screen you need a magnifier, and if you zoom in then you'll be scrolling forever. I personally prefer stand-alone mapping software like Mapopolis or MapQuest, if nothing but the speed at wich the map comes up.
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    oops, I meant MapSoure, not MapQuest for the stand-alone
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    Just use the main Mapquest form with the 650 -- it takes only a minute to download the whole map. The ads on that page are Google style ads only so you don't waste a lot of time downloading ad images, and you get a huge map. You can get a nice birds-eye view in Optimized Mode since the 650 has more pixels than the 600; switch to Wide Mode if you want to see more detail.

    I used to have Mapopolis but you had to download maps in tiny chunks and I never seemed to have the map I really needed loaded (except for my town, which it did work well for). So I stopped using it.


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