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    I'm LJZ's author : it's a multi-system emulator for Zodiac (nes, gb, snes, genesis, ngp, and wonderswan).

    I'm currently porting it on PalmOS but as I only own a Zodiac I'm looking for testers not afraid of reseting their Palm after a crash LJP has currently 2 modules running, GB & NES, and need a 480x320 device with high dynamic memory. Right now, I plan to support only 320x320 with 16bpp as minimum specs. Moreover device with low dynamic heap will probably have hard time running it. So if you want to test, please send me an email ymagnien{at}g(oogle) I'll try to setup a mailing list and/or having the daily build available at my website.

    I would help, but I am still waiting for my VC T650.
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    I already emailed him

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