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    OK, I installed Agendus Mail and I like it, EXCEPT that I have about 2700 messages on my server, and it tries to retrieve all of them. When I set the preferences to "retrieve last xxxxx" -- it won't retrieve **only the new items*** --- it simply retrieves however many I set.

    For example, I have it set to "retrieve last 15 emails." If I have 2700 emails on the server, and (3) that came in since I last checked my account, it will retrieve (3) new emails and (12) old emails that I don't want. Why is there no option to retrieve emails from a certain number of days?

    Argh! I like the app, but does someone have a workaround?
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    You can use the IMAP account option then in the Account > Options tab check Only Download New Messages.
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    i have had the same problem... no matter if i have the "only get new messages" checked or not.

    i am really starting to get fed up with Agendus mail as i have had problems since i first installed it. i just upgraded to 4.2 and it still is giving me problems.

    imap works for a few days and then i get error messages and it won't get ANY mail.

    time for a change? i don't know... i am lost...

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