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    Good day all, This is my 1st post. I recently purchased a 600 (no $$$ for the 650 yet) and I have a few questions.
    What is the Display Pixel Size of my Treo 600 and how many colors ?
    I also owned a Tungstein E. I find the screen of my TE much easier to read. Is it possible to improve the display quality ?
    I downloaded Pocket Tunes Demo ver.3.06. The colors and resolution of Pocket Tunes seems to be much better resolution then the default Treo Screen. So I guess it is kind of possible to improve the screen !.
    I installed MRING to configure MP3 for Ringtones and I have no success at all. Is MRing the right software ?
    When I download Sharewares from the Net and ther is lots of Resolution Choose on the file, Witch one should I be using for my 600 that will fit my screen and give me the best screen resolution ?
    Thank you for your time.
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    160 x 160 pixels, about a 2 inch screen
    I believe around 4,000 colors

    For ringtones, I use, or (free) ringtones

    screen resolution - sometimes they have 600 specific items, otherwise I choose the low res versions.


    edit - corrected pixel count
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    Thanks for your reply.
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    Welcome to the 600. Thanks for not buying the 650, the evil treo. Evil because everytime someone flushes the cash down the toilet to buy the < 23 MB device, Satan grows stronger.
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    I got a Tungsten|E with SanDisk WiFi too , (got rid of my old Tungsten|T)

    Treo 600 has 160x160 (aka Low-Res) , 12.5 bit colors , meanwhile Tungsten|E has 320x320 (Hi-Res) , with 16-bit colors)

    PocketTunes 2.x Standard comes as a free gift for your Treo , so , you have to register your Treo to get it , as a free gift from PalmOne (hurry , otherwise PalmOne will take away that offer) , choose pTunes as your gift

    You cannot change the Resolution , its impossible (yes , its possible , but the text will be smaller) , overall , Treo 600 is nice , but its not great compared to my Tungsten|E...:d
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    Thank the precision.
    I tried to register my 600 in PalmOne Web Site and I have no success. It does not accept my serial number (15 digits, numeric only). I wonder why ?
    I am from Canada. maybe the registration is for US only !
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    Lou, your serial number is probably the bottom number on the back. Is alpha-numerical. Not just numerical. Good luck!
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    Got it, Thanks.
    I was able to register and get my Free Copy of Pocket Tunes.

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