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    I am a bit confused. Can someone explain to me advantage for removing sprint proxy?
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    I don't think this works. I've used my MSL, and changed the Primary NGG and Secondary NGG to nothing, yet when I use pdanet to connect the images are still compressed. When using the web browser on the phone, pages come up but only some of the images display and others are x'ed out. Strange. Also if I turn the Primary and Secondary HA's to blank I cannot even log on to vision. Stupidly I cleared my HA password and now the phone will not even reprovision. Anyone know the HA password (not their vision password). Thanks, James
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    It's secret.

    No, I mean it. It really is "secret".
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    Are you serious?! Ha! That's funny.
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    It probably says in their user guide that the password should always be secret.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentMember
    I am a bit confused. Can someone explain to me advantage for removing sprint proxy?
    If you want to use Blazer with reverse DUN, you have to remove the proxy. Reverse DUN is when you connect your Treo to your desktop or laptop computer with Bluetooth and then use the desktop's or laptop's broadband connection to surf the web.

    If you do remove the proxy settings, you should write them down first. There are a few things you cannot do with the proxy removed, so you may need to put them back if you need to:
    - access the sprintpcs website
    - provision the phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by kitmoni
    I used Shadowmite's fix for my Blazer browser and saw a SIGNIFICANT speed improvement. I realize this is just HA, but it's faster. I look forward to going further as need arises.

    BTW, as a "newbie", I see people referencing coded entries on their devices (##DATA#). How do you enter these? When I'm in the phone app I can't enter any text, just numbers. ?

    ##3282# is same buttons sa ##DATA#.



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    help! I changed the port to 0 in the browser settings. What is the default ports for primary & secondary? I forgot!
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    Default port = 80
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    There is an easier and danger-free way of enabling Blazer browsing on a BT network connection (in reverse DUN) using Blazer's own settings to designate another proxy to override the internal Sprint proxy server that insists on a Vision connection. See my posting in the following thread for details:
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    So, just to reiterate..

    1.( This will only speed up your treo's web connection IF you are using your desktop/laptops High Speed connect over Blue Tooth to your phone.

    2.( Doing this does not speed up your connection if you are just using the built in web connection on your phone.

    In my circumstance, I use the internet connection on my phone and use my phone as my laptops mobile internet connection. This will in no way improve the connection speed.

    If any of these statements are not true plz specify
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