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    I've had my visor for a few months now and I've been using the Palm Desktop software, as I did with my Palm Pilot Pro. In between the two units I had a WinCE device (it was horrible) and it used Outlook. However, I dont see any compelling reason to switch from Palm Desktop and use Pocket Mirror. What is everyone out there using. Is there anything that I'm not seeing? Thanks in advance.

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    Actually there's not much difference between the Palm Desktop and synching with Microsoft Outlook - the only reason I synch with OUtlook is because I have a large database of contacts which I am too lazy to transfer over to the Palm Desktop.
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    I am using Palm Desktop PIM, too. I 've used Outlook before but hated it. I don't need many features Outlook offers & felt those features make Outlook too cumbersome(marking time as busy etc.). I didn't like the E-mail part of the Outlook, either. So I'm just using Palm Desktop & Outlook Express to keep things simple. If you already use Outlook, or have a lot of appointments in a day and need to avoid conflicts, Outlook may have an advantage.

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    I use Outlook as that's what my company uses for Email and Calendaring.

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    I sync to both and also to Yahoo!.
    I don't really care for Outlook that much either (it is a beast!). The only reason I use it is because you can assign a contact to multiple categories. We use one category to keep track of people we send Christmas cards to.
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    Anyone out there use Lotus Organizer v6? I'm considering the Visor as my first PDA, and am wondering if/how it syncs with Organizer???

    Has this question already been addressed? If so, could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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