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    There's a set of rainbow stripes on the screen. I have hit the reset button with battery in and out, holding down various keys. I have drained the battery, recharged it. Everything. There's still a set of rainbow stripes on the screen and the device indicates it's in boot mode. What else can I do to reset the thing and make it wake up?

    Thanks for your help. I'm traveling away from ability to ship to PalmOne or any Sprint store so I just have to rely on you guys to help me out...
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    What did you do to get it in this mode? Reset holding multiple buttons? You're going to need a serial cable to get it out...
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    Quote Originally Posted by busadreamer
    There's a set of rainbow stripes on the screen.
    I think your Treo may have just come out of the closet

    On a more serious note, I think you should be able to have it fixed/exchanged under warranty though, the next time you're going to be around a store.

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    Did you try a hard reset were u erase all your data this should bring you back to your out of box settings then do a hot sync and it should correct your problem
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    Its got some software thats causing that.Dont ever load more than 1 program at a time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meandean
    Its got some software thats causing that.Dont ever load more than 1 program at a time.
    No he doesn't. It's a bootloader splash screen. He reseted while holding the proper button combination which is what I've been looking for. I'd like to know what he held...
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    shadowmite, thanks. Unfortunately I don't know quite how I did get here. I really wish I hadn't, since I don't seem to have anything else to look at other than these stripes now. It's possible that the cable may have fallen out during synching (there seems to be nothing to hold it in place and it slips out with even the slightest nudge, perhaps I am supposed to use scotch tape?). However, I don't believe I was even trying to synch. I was just trying to look up a phone number.

    In general, I believe in repair/fix where possible, don't replace. Since I bought from PalmOne, does that mean PalmOne has to reset it?
    I have an old serial cable at home (will get there Jan 1st) from a Palm V - I'm guessing that won't fit, right? How can I get hold of an appropriate serial cable - or if the Palm V one will do, what do I do with it?

    Thanks again (muchly)...
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    busadreamer, having gotten to that screen myself, and soft reset (the button on the back near the battery) should bring it out. If it doesn't, your memory somehow could be corrupted. Yours is the second phone I've heard of this happening too...
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    No, a soft reset just flicks to black and then back to stripes. So it's not fixable? What a shame.

    Presumably Sprint stores don't replace on-the-spot phones bought from PalmOne?
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    Since it is a Sprint phone (what else is there at this point?) they should replace it w/o issue. If you can fix it with Shadowmites help it is at least worth asking them. If it were me I'd check with my closest store asap and get it replaced.
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    Well, with a serial cable (you need to custom make or purchase one. No old one will work. I will shortly have some made up to sell for this exact purpose) you could in thoery re-flash the phones nand chip which will fix it. So it's fixable, but if you're in a hurry seeing as your phone did this without any user intervention I'd say take it to sprint and request a replacement. Most stores stock the phone now, but since you bought from palm they might try and make it hard on you... But palm will insist sprint handles warranty claims so give it a try...
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    Thanks. I took the 650 to a Sprint store on December 30th and they gave me a previously-used 650. As far as I can tell it was used for 1 day on December 7th and that was that. So I should be OK. The replacement has been running just fine. No idea what they do with the defunct one. (It was physically HOT when I handed it over - no kidding!)

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