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    Does it work? I tried and it did not.
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    It DOES work, but the 650 has the Graffiti 2 libraries, and no way to convert back to Graffiti 1. Further, although the Shortcuts app is still built-in as well, there is no way to customize Shortcuts. PalmOne messed up a good thing. I'm hoping somebody will write a Quick Text type app, that will allow for simple entry of commonly used phrases.
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    I'd imagine it's because the graffiti 1 libraries used 68k code, while the graffiti 2 libraries on the phone are in ARM assembler. These are not compatible and you can't switch them around. Your best bet is TealScript if it still works on the 650 (haven't tried).
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    What a bummer if we can't use Graffiti 1 on the 650, I write all the time instead of using the keyboard. I'm starting to think I should hang with my 600 a while longer.

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