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    1. Is there anyway for the "Pics&Videos", "Camera" and "Camcorder" apps to default to the SD card? It's annoying to have to go to the Pics&Video apps each time to select this.

    2. Using the Sprint PictureMail service, does anyone know if recipients with any other carriers would be able to view a picture I send? It seems like it's SMS-based.

    3. What is the difference between sending the picture via Versamail and Sprint Picturemail? I use the CEIVA photo service and it acknowledged a photo sent via Picturemail but not via Versamail.

    4. For Treo 650 users with a Vision pack, are we charged for the use of PictureMail?
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    I can answer #1. If you change to SD card in Pics and Video and leave Pics and Video with the SD card selected.

    Then when you go to Camera or Camcorder, it will save to the SD card, until you change back to Memory or Reset your Treo.
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    1) once you change pics and vids to the sd card all new pics you take will be store to the SD card. Movies on the hand are still saved on the unit RAM. i dont know why.

    2) ya anyone can view it. essentially all sprint picturemail is a service that hosts your picture. Dont plan on sending a picturemail link to any other carrier. it wont work. instead use a service such as

    3) VersaMail or any other email client attaches the picture just like a real email does.
    SprintPCS PictureMail uploads the pic to the host (being sprintPCS) then shares a link saying "Hey, come see the pic at" *only works for sprintpcs users*

    4) No. its included.

    Enjoy your new little below average camera
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