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    In a few weeks, I'll have had my treo for a year. I asked my 6 year old, jokingly, what we should get it for its birthday. She said, "maybe get it some new games or some music or something." Good thinking!
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    i know what his/her birthday wish is... "please don't replace me for the treo 650."
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    My Treo's birthday is also coming up - sort of. I purchased it on January 4, 2004, but it has been replaced four times, last time in April, so I don't really know how old it is or how much it was used. I'm wondering about battery life (an excuse to get the gsm 650 if it is about to go out) - has anyone had their battery on their 600 go out and replaced?
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    my battery gave up on me just a couple of days short of its 1 year old birthday back in December. Good thing I got a brand new replacement model. I don't know if I would have had the batteries replaced as for us here in Malaysia, the minimum charge from Palm1 to repair or replace anything is USD$165. That's a lot of money just to change the batteries! Right now on my replacement model I'm treating it very hot syncing maximum once in 2 days and not always charging all the time...anything to make it last at least for another year
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    I think I read that it is good for the battery to keep it fully charged - mine is in the cradle most of the day. Any techies know if this is true?
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