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    Sometime this afternoon DA started to give me the errors:

    Errror in PrvNetCalclNetAddr()call
    Could not open socket!
    Error getting Data:0

    I tried soft resets and I even tried a hard reset only installing the da.prc app and still the same errors! I'm using the latest version 3.02.

    Anyone else having these problems?

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    I'm having exactly the same problem. I thought it was a Holiday surprise - but when searching for a number, it hangs the 650 for a minute ot two, and then I get the error message you posted, or the 650 resets.

    Anyone else getting this? DA 3.02, worked perfectly until today.
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    LOL. I had the same problem today. Yesterday it was working perfectly
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    Same here
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    me too. started today.
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    Same Error on Sprint PCS in Tampa Florida.

    Ho Ho Ho.
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    I got the same (or similar) errors on a Sprint T600 today (25th)
    w/ 3.02. I hadn't used DA in a while so I don't know about
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    Mine's not working either. I used it a lot on Dec 24th just fine...makes me wonder if Sprint is blocking the port/traffic? Hope they don't block streaming w/ptunes...

    What else would cause this?
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    It happened to me too, I was going to post, but thought it was my problem, and I e-mailed them, no response yet, but it's only been a few hours, and it's Christmas night.
    Blue Skies,
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    Same errors here when searching for telephone numbers, but driving directions seem to work fine.
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    me too.... anyone know who made this program? i think it was rick something but can't remember.... maybe we can contact him and see whats up.
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    the link to the directory assistance webpage is:
    morris stalk
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    arslexis has a new program, infoman, that does the same thing as Directory Assistence. No free, but works much better.
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    I just used DA 3.01 on a T600 and everything is working fine- business, residential, directions.
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    Working fine today. Maybe the server was having issues yesterday.
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    Well as the guy who started this thread I have to report that everything is working this morning. I guess it must have been a problem. Happy day after Christmas to all and to all a good byte.
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    Life is good now, but it didn't impress the relitives yesterday when I wanted to show off this cool thing I could with my phone, and it locked up, and then reset.
    Blue Skies,
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    Quote Originally Posted by hlazar
    arslexis has a new program, infoman, that does the same thing as Directory Assistence. No free, but works much better.
    "Not Free" is an understatement... $40.00 per year!

    I've downloaded it to try, but it had better tuck me in and sing me to sleep for that price! Forty bucks a year buys a lot of 411 calls...

    If Directory Assistant ever gets past the constant error issues, I'm easily in for $10 bucks to use it.
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    $40? A year? I like DA, but Infoman is way overpriced, esp. considering all that info is readily available on pda friendly web pages. I was ready to put down a one time $20, or even $25 payment. But 40?

    Why do Palm developers feel the need to charge so much software (esp. basic software)? I mean c'mon, it's getting so to have a avg functioning device, you need to spend $200-$300 is additional software.
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