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    Long time reader, first time poster.

    Since a few days ago, my Treo 650 has been having an akward audio issue. I cannot hear anything from the speaker in pTunes, NESem, Verichat, etc.

    However, I know for a fact that my speakers do work, as going to the delete menu > delete and tapping outside of the dialogue box gives an audible alert. The audio switch IS on. The speakerphone does work in phone conversations.

    I've noticed something interesting as well. Playing pTunes, although I cannot hear anything from the speakers, if I go to the phone screen and tap a number many times over, the speakers will kick in with the song for a brief lagged, crackled moment.

    Also, I'm starting to get the crackling issues with the earpiece and it's not at max volume.

    Anyone familiar with this issue?

    Edit: I've had the unit for around a month. All volume settings are on in the preferences. The stereo headphone jack does work and has audio output.
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    sounds like you may have a headset jack issue.
    I've experienced bad sound from the headset jack but perfect sound from the speakers. check the boards. i'm having mine replaced by p1 and seems like a few others have had theirs replaced for the same reason.
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    Thanks for your reply. Most likely will have to get a replacement then. Already searched the boards.
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    Here is a stupid question I know, but did you do a soft reset?

    How about a hard reset and then try it before rebuilding it with a sync?
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    I've tried both a soft and hard reset. Still the same headset issue. It was the first thing I did when I isolated the problem to the headset.

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