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    I am having trouble hotsyncing. The hotsync status progress dialog on the desktop shows it is syncing the Address Book and my treo600 screen shows it is synchronizing Contacts. The problem is that is just stays that way forever! When I select cancel, it says it will cancel in a miniut but it just hangs there forever until I do a hard reset.

    The only way I can sync the rest of my stuff is if I disable the address book conduit. I tried setting the address book conduit for the handheld to overwrite the desktop but it still hangs.

    I need to get my contact list from my treo to my desktop.
    It used to work great. Everything else works. I don't know what happened.

    Any help would be greatly apreciated.


    It seems that the problem was with the long notes in my contacts.
    See my other post... thanks for the help and this great community
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    Does anyone know a solution to this? I'm having the same issue with synching memos using the palm desktop. Thanks.
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    you have a corrupt database! same crap happened to me. if all your info is backed up to desktop already just delet all addr & contact files with "files" software. Then set desktop to ovwrwrite handheld in hotsync. now hotsync & you should be fine. I could not hotsync my contatcs ever until recently. there are some contacts that became corrupt when I synced my treo 600 data over. but there's no way to tell which contacts are corrupt & which are not. you have to delete eveything. this same method applies to memos, to do. etc. for memo problem, delete all memo or memos files. if you don't have stuff on your dektop already, you have to manually reenter eveything. what I did which cut the time down is delete many contacts I never even use anymore (maybe half of 500!) then I used "ezmaintain" software to beam via bluetooth files by groups of five to my desktop. then I can drag & drop into desktop software. if it will not "accept" the file becuz of some random error, it's corrupt. then manually enter them. this worked for me.i cannot believe how much we are in the dark with all the problems we have & we are left to our own initiative to fix it. kind of angering really. anyway, good luck!
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    It was very frustrating not being able to sync my contacts. To me that is almost the most important thing in my Treo. But I am happy to report that I fixed it!

    Here's what I discovered. I have been using callfilter for a long time and have it set to save my call history in contact notes. I have several contacts from work that call me many times a day.

    Callfilter is a great program but I think some of my contact notes got too large.

    So I just deleted the very long notes on the phone from those contacts that call me every day and I can now hotsync with no problem!
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