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    Trying to read pdf's on chatter. After I save the attachment and say to open w/adobe it doesn't open it
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    you can't open pdf's nativly on the treo. Use the adobe for palm on your pc to first convert the file then hot sync. That's the only way.
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    I have read about this on other threads, but was looking at the Adobe site, and they don't make it very obvious in their description. You have to dig deep, and I know I wouldn't have found that unless I knew it before hand.

    This is despiteful marketing in my opinion. They know people will think they can open .pdf files, that's what it makes you think when you read the main description. Their should be a big disclaimer.


    I will not purchase it unless they can make this work on the Palm with a reasonably sized program, or if the program is HUGE, it needs to be run from my memory card.
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