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    I got a bluetooh headset for christmas and I do not like it so far.
    i got a motorola hs820 and it does not ring in the headset. i can answer a call but it has a large delay before it will answer. it seems to auto transfer the call to the headset when making an outgoing call ok.

    but maybe I am expecting to much. what I would like to be able to do is hear the phone ring in the headset answer and talk on the phone and hang up with the headset. it would also be nice to be able to make outgoing calls on the headset but i dunno if that is possible at this time with the treo 650. I have read various stories and do not know what is real.

    if anyone can tell me what the best thing to do is I would appreciate it,,
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    The 820 is not on the list of FULLY supported BT headsets for the handsfree profile. A search in this forum or the PalmOne site will find this list. There appear to be others not on the list the people here (including myself) have found to work very well. The Sony/Ericsson HBH-660 (which I have) and the Scala 500. You will also need the BTmute app that is also available here to raise the audio level in the headset. Overall, I'm 90%+ satisifed with the HBH-660. It handles all of the features of the handsfree profile nicely.
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    Apparently, all three of the popular/available Motorola models do different things when used with the 650. I have tried an 810 and an 850 and both reacted differently. I also have and suggest the HBH-660.
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    I have the HS820 also. It does ring on the headset but it is the motorolla sound, not your phones ring tone. Just make sure you go to the handsfree in the prferences and set the autoanswer option. Its rings on like the second ring of the phone. Try it.

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