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    Does anyone have a favorite site for downloading software for thier Visor?
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    Gotta check out
    There's also all free stuff at

    Those are the main ones that I use...and as you'll see from the upcoming posts there will be many more...

    oops! Thanks for the correction ronbot!
    Rick Bailey

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    I believe that should be an 'h' instead of a 'k' in eisenbach.
  4. #4 was up until recently the best place to go for free software. They had an extensive archive of all-free software (no shareware, no commercial software), plus reader reviews and download statistics.

    But their site crashed and they lost everything. They're going to rebuild the site, so I'd bookmark it and keep an eye out for the future.
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    There are several great sites for downloading palm software. My two favorites are and

    I think you will find many excellent programs to add to your visor. I especially like tealscript which I downloaded at eurocool. This programs aids with letter recognition. It gives you several options for letter and symbol recognition. (As a new palm user, Graffiti can be furstrating to learn). If you still have trouble with a letter, you can train it to learn the stroke you like.
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    I enjoyed quite a bit and it stuns me that Andre' didn't have any kind of redundancy or back-up system setup.

    There's no excuse for a hard drive crash crippling any kind of site with the options that are available today.

    At least he's learning from his error...
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    I'd recommend as well.

    Joe Visor
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