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    What are the benefits of selecting "disconnect afterwards" in the preferences. Does this save the battery? Is it unwise to stay connected and not have this selected??
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    It does use up a bit more battery to stay connected from what I've experienced. Also, some people may not have a data plan, and just use their minutes to access the internet. These customers will definately want to disconnect after checking their mail.
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    You're tying up the line and won't recieve phone calls at least on Verizon if you're busy with the web or email access. You could also get a high phone bill depending on your plan. Unless you're planning to get right on again it's best to disconnect.
    Wish web browsers had option to auto-disonnect when quiting.
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    Better disconnect ASAP - your phone line is tied up and you will wonder why all your calls are going to voicemail. Also unless there is a data plan - you will run out of minutes and get a big bill

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