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    Just curious on the Treo 650, what do you find drains the battery the most?
    Vibrating alert? Backscreen light set too high? Turning on and off? Connecting to internet? Etc. Feel free to rate a few or some of your own.
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    Turn off beam receive and snapper or versamail autofetch mail helps a lot with the battery life. The biggest difference I noticed is after using the kblights app (app that keeps the keyboard light off.) I can tell a big difference at the end of the day after using that app. The keyboard light must take a bit of juice.
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    Even if you don't beam receive but once a week, does turning off beam receive help?
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    Talking on the phone and/or connected to Vision, i.e. surfing the web does the best job of draining my battery.
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    I agree with ERicJ .. surfing is the battery drainer for me.. i even listen to mp3s and they dont seem to be as bad as when surfing...
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