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    I'm looking for a good full backup system for my Visor,and can't decide between paying the $30 for the Backupbuddy software, or to order the backup module from Handspring instead. I'd love to hear your pros and cons on either of these two products.
    Jeremy Herrington

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    I just ordered the backup Springboard module myself.

    There are times that I don't have access to my laptop and would like to have something small in case of emergency (ie. me messing things up) so I went ahead and ordered it.

    I hear good things about Backup Buddy so i'm sure you're okay either way.

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    As far as desktop-oriented backup software (as opposed to mobility of backup module), I say that BackupAll is the winner hands down. This software is located on the handheld itself and changes the backup bit of all apps to 1 so that on hotsync, everything is backed up to c:\program files\palm\user\backup, just like backup buddy, but without the frills and $30 (the program is free). If you lose your data, all you have to do is set up a custom hotsync, and set the 'system' option to 'desktop overwrites handheld'. Backupall is free and I feel the best way to go!
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    One advantage of BackupBuddy is when you have more than one Visors in the household. Me and my wife use one copy of BackupBuddy on one desktop to synch our Visors and we have never had any problems. Just to test that it works, I actually hard-reset my visor (with lots of data) and everything restored at the next hotsynch.

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