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    What e-book reader is compatible and works best with the 650? I'd been using TIBR-Pro with my 600. I know that PalmOne includes their own app on the install CD, but I was wondering whether there were any better choices for .pdb files.
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    I like the e-reader. I have the program on the handheld but have my books on the memory card. It works very well and their is a reasonable selection of books. I have also tried Adobe on my 600 and did not find it convenient for reading. See for books, etc. Download of program is free.
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    Another vote for eReader.

    And, likewise, I tried the PDF viewer and didn't like it.

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    Thank you for the recommendation. I've got it installed and it works fine with my card. On my T600, I had problems with the autoscroll.

    Have you tried the Agfa fonts add-on? I was wondering whether these fonts make a considerable difference in readability.

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