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    This afternoon I was hearing voices.
    After applying the PalmOne BT patch (which does *not* list the Prius problem as solved), my 04 Prius actually made a call via the system! For me, a hearing defect really makes that an important issue. The Sony/Ericsson T608 BT implementation worked perfectly but had so many other problems that the switch to the Treo was an easy decision.

    Unfortunately, the "success" lasted for only one call. Thereafter, it became necessary to re-pair the car and phone for each subsequent attempt, and in repeated experiments I could never get the combination to receive a call, show signal strength, access the phone book, etc.

    But it's progress... and it's obvious that PalmOne is working on the problem. Presumably the Lexus and Prius BT chipset (Broadcom?) are the same, and PalmOne is motivated to get this job done quickly. I hope so...

    Meanwhile... I drive wearing wired headphones and a battery-powered amplifier with a three-band equalizer. Not the slickest solution, and I whip it off whenever I pass a police car, but it (sort of) works most of the time.

    If anyone can provide further enlightenment, please email me at
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    I have (and had) the exact same setup -- switched from a T608->650 on my Prius.

    Did you delete the T608 entry in the car?
    Does the connection to the Prius fail, or does it just not work after it connects?
    Once you get the "connection failed" prompt, have you tried to manually select the phone in the Setup screen?

    I've only had limited experience with my 650+Prius combination so far. Actually, since getting my 650 I haven't gotten or made a call from the car yet. Bummer. I've just got my own testing to go off of.

    I don't know if you visit there, but might be a good resource for you too. I've seen multiple "650 and Prius" posts there and I recently posted my "experience" in getting the two to work.
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    I'm quite delighted with the TREO650+Prius combination!!!

    The T608 took a while to "connect", but the 650 hooks up a moment after the car goes on. Also, with the 650 I can have a conversation, get into the car, and it will transition to the car's audio. The connection is very robust. With the T608, it was always a bit iffy - one couldn't be sure if an outbound call would appear on the car's speakers. With the 650 it's 100% so far.

    The *only* missing ingredient is the signal strength indicator - and to tell the truth I didn't know it was there with the T608 until someone mentioned it to me.

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    I seem to have noticed that the Prius will not detect my 650 in "standby" mode. I have to hit the power key before it is detected. Are you experiencing the same, or will your Prius pick the phone up even in standby?
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    I have the 650 and considering on buying a Prius.... or wait for other hybrids like the new Accord or the Highlander to come out.
    I definitly want to buy a car with working bluetooth setup.
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    The Prius does work. It just has a few pieces here and there that aren't 100%. The few things I've noticed:

    - you must make a call during the initial pairing for the Prius to detect the phone.
    - the signal strength bars do not show up on the Prius.
    - the phone, not the Prius, rings.
    - the Prius will not connect to the 650 when in "standby" mode, it must be on.

    That's it. The worst one is the last one. You just have to remember to switch the phone on for a few seconds then back off once the pair is made. I would be very suprised if the Prius isn't supported in the next update.

    The Prius and 650 and a great geek combo!
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    I have a Prius 05 and the Treo 650. The two have worked very well for phone conversations so far. I also learned a new trick to make it work better.

    The reason that the Prius would not connect to the 650 when in "standby" mode was because of a setting on the 650. To change it go to the Bluetooth program on the phone and go to the pull down menu. Then select "Allow Wakeup." This will give a warning about more battery usage, but from that point on (at least it has been for me) the Prius recognizes the 650 whenever I get into the car. The phone actually turns itself on for a second.

    The only problems I am having now are:
    -no signal strength bars (not a big problem for me)
    -when a new call comes in when I am already on the phone, one or both of the calls is dropped

    Thus far I would have to say that I am very happy with both the Prius and my phone, although I have yet to make it to 50mpg on a tank (will get there though).

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