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    Anyone every used a nokia 6150 GSM phone SMS (Short Message System)with Visor? There is a software available at Palmcentral under e-mail. The program supposed to be used with the Option terminal adapter function with the Pilot. Can that program be used with the visor? Where can get that adapter? Can't we just beam the message to Nokia and have it sent from there? (Nokia 6000 series has an Irda port too.
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    I think that if you call Nokia you'll find that the Noki's available here in the US have that little IRDA window on the phone to tease us with only--they aren't connected to any thing inside. The ones sold in Europe work and they use them to dial numbers, as wireless modems, etc. But we here in the states can't use them. A connector cord is available, don't know exactly what it does.

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