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    You can get a stero adaptor at Circuit City for 7.00 with headphones.
    They are made by HP for the Ipaq but work on Treo 650
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    Got a model # or something we can reference?
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    That might be it. Wish I knew about it earlier.
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    Yes thats the one I bought and it works.The head phones are ok, nothing
    more.I have been trying many headphones and Virgin Mobile ones
    (gray in color) bought at Target for like 7 dollars sound very good.I just got
    a hybird set that sound great but have a defect in them.I wrote the
    seller on Ebay but no response yet.I have a friend who makes cables and
    will get me a hybird connector soon.Its a 2.5 right angle cable that turns into
    a 2.5 and 3.5!!!! That will let me use any darn headset I want.This also takes pressure off Treo at the connector.The Sony over the ear are great because for starters they stay in your earand have a nice sound.I also have a pair
    of 40.00 dollar noise cancel headphones that will blow you away!Your Treo will
    sound like you are in a concert hall,ultra clear!
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    Great find!

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